The Anvil agency has spent nearly 25 years at the forefront of digital services and marketing by assisting some of the world’s biggest brands. Dale Manning, an award-winning digital pioneer, has formed his latest agency to be the purveyor of digital excellence by diagnosing a brands current status and elevating it to greater heights. Anvil is a unique agency that provides a one-stop shop to plan, create and execute all of your digital brands needs.

  • This is how we roll..

    We have a personality. You have a personality. Let's blow this thing up.

    Amplify Your Voice

    You have a narrative, make sure people get it


    You currently have a voice and brand, but are they orchestrated as one? Anvil believes that when it is all brought together and amplified, it will roar and resonate with one collective voice.

    Align Your Three "C"s

    There is power when everything sings together​


    Anvil has been preaching that at the core of your digital brand resides the pillars that drive it CONTENT, COMMUNITY and COMMERCE). It is a delicate balance and Anvil has spent 20+ years perfecting it.

    Harness Technology Channels

    New tools are always emerging... use the best ones


    Anvil believes in being your advocate as you navigate your digital eco-system. To do this, we need to find the right tools and maximize them to reach your objectives.

    Have A Personality

    Life is too short to not have fun with it


    Make sure that what we do together is not only effective, but ridiculously fun on the journey. Your fans/clients will appreciate a fun and inviting experience.